What is Rally Retro Day?

Rally Retro Day is an event designed to get historically significant rally cars “out of the shed and onto the track” so we can re-live just a bit of the magic that these cars brought to the forest.

They might be high quality replicas, restored ex-works prepared cars, as rallied time-capsule pieces or rally prepared examples of iconic rally cars of the past.

Find out more in About Rally Retro Day…

Traffic disruptions on Rally Retro Day day… 

There will be traffic disruptions Sunday Morning for “Run for the kids”. Domain Tunnel and Westgate Bridge are OPEN. Bolte Bridge is CLOSED.

See this Run for the kids link for details and plan for a bit of slow traffic with confused drivers.

And a bonus… its the end of Daylight Saving. Don’t forget to put your clocks BACK an hour on Saturday night for an extra hour of sleep!

retro  (adjective)
ret·​ro | \ ˈre-(ˌ)trō  \

: relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past : fashionably nostalgic or old-fashioned 

Hear all about Rally Retro Day…

Rally Retro day will be heavily promoted on Radio SEN, 1116 on the AM dial, in the week leading up to rally retro day.

It’s our way of getting in touch with motorsport fans that will be interested to see historic rally cars they may remember from their youth and expose them to the sport in general, especially through displays of modern rally cars in “Rally Alley”

Click below to hear our 30 second commercial that will be on AM Radio SEN from April 1. And turn it up loud for authentic sounds!

I’m coming to Rally Retro Day…

…but I don’t know what to do!

If you’re an entrant or if you’re exhibiting in Rally Alley, go to the Entrants page for information on what to do, when to turn up, some regulations and the schedule for entrants.

If you’re a spectator, the Spectators page is the place.  There is info about the schedule for the day, what to bring, catering, facilities and some important safety information.

You’ll all need to look at the page about Getting there for transport options, parking info and a Google map.


The cars…

We’ve attracted the greatest collection of Classic Rally Cars ever assembled in Australia!

We have commitments from nearly 40 car owners/entrants and there are more to come. It will truly be a special day.

Go to “The cars” to see a list of cars being displayed and their exhibitors.

Also, enjoy this gallery, “Back in the day…” to see some great pics of cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s – in all their black and white glory!

Contact us…

If you have any queries about Rally Retro Day, email us at info@rallyretroday.org.au  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can…


The stars on our home page:
The banner keeps changing – yes, try refreshing! Look at “Back in the day…” for banner photo details and credits.

top: Lancia Stratos. Ron Marks driving, 1976 Marchal Rallye
middle:  Datsun 260Z. Ross Dunkerton & Jeff Beaumont, 1976 Marchal Rallye
other middle:  Mitsubishi Lancer. Barry Ferguson driving, 1977 Castrol International
bottom:  Ford Escort RS1800. Timo Makinen & Henry Liddon, 1976 Southern Cross Rally

These crackers by Bruce Keys. Using black and white film! Try buying that these days…