1967 Austin 1800

Exhibitor: Simon Young

Engine: 1912cc 4 cylinder 10:1 compression ratio, BMC special tuning 731 cam, big valve cylinder head, split twin Weber carburettors, LCB (Long Centre Branch) extractors, oil cooler, twin radiators.

Transmission:  4 speed,straight cut, close ratio gearbox, steel universal joints.

Suspension and Brakes: Fully adjustable front suspension, special front displacer housings, Koni shock absorbers all round, large rear displacers, rear sway bar, quick rack, twin master cylinders and balance bar, 3 spot 1800S front brakes, hydraulic handbrake, all pipe work internalised.

Body: Full rough road body specification, double skinned floors, gusseted suspension pick up points, turreted for additional shock absorbers, light weight panels, full under shielding

This Austin 1800 was originally owned by Paul Nichols in the early 1990’s and competed in many HRA (Historic Rally Association) events.

Purchased by Simon Young in 2004, it was completely rebuilt over the next 2 years with new body shell to full 1968 Safari Specifications. This car contains many genuine works components. The car competed in the 2009 HRA Repco Reliability Trial re-run.

At the 2009 Repco Reliability Trial re-run. Pic by John Doutch.
Austin 1800 rally car at stage start
9 Kalabity SS Start Young-Hogan-Humphrey. Pic by Ian Reddoch

Banner image credit: Shelley Young

More information

The Landcrab Rally Story, by Ian Comport, is reprinted from HRA News in 2010. This is a long article.

The Landcrab Rally Story – part 1 (pdf, 1.4 MB)

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