1969 Renault 16TS

Exhibitor: Bob Watson, 1970 Australian Rally Champion, 4 times Victorian Rally Champion

Engine: 1565cc OHV pushrod 90 bhp at 6000 rpm. Single Weber two choke carburettor.

Gearbox: 4 speed Manual, column shift.

Brakes: Disc front/drum rear, vacuum boosted.

Wheels/Tyres:  14 inch rims, 165/70 Dunlop rally tyres.

Chassis: Front wheel drive. Front suspension wishbones/longitudinal torsion bars. Rear suspension trailing arms/transverse torsion bars. Because of this the RH wheelbase is longer than the left.

Rally history

This car is a replica of the car that won the Victorian Rally Championship in 1969.

It was built by Renault enthusiast Steve Magner from a range of spare parts. It wears the signage of the original Renault Rally Team which was sponsored by the department store Waltons.

The original car was driven to victory in the 1969 Victorian Rally Championship by Bob Watson and co-driver Jim McAuliffe. The car won two rallies and was second four times. Its main rival was an ex London to Sydney Marathon Porsche 911 driven by Tony Roberts.

Banner and pics below from the McAuliffe collection 

Jim McAuliffe (left) and Bob Watson (right). Pic from the McAuliffe collection