1970 Holden HT Monaro

Exhibitor: Michael Holloway

Engine: 3.0 litre, 186ci In line 6 cylinder, Torana XU-1 Specifications

Rally History

The car started life as a 186 cubic inch 6 cylinder with a three speed column shift. It was purchased in 1993 with the intention of competing in the 1995 Round Australia Rally. It was completely stripped to a bare shell and rebuilt.

All the original wiring loom was removed and a new bespoke loom was made with all the fuses and fuseable links meeting in a control box in the centre console between the front seats.

A second fuel tank was fitted with a switch solenoid to switch between them.  Two electric fuel pumps were fitted while the original manual pump was retained.

Dual batteries were fitted with a boost system controlled from the centre console.

The car is fitted with a second alternator and four driving lights.

UHF radio and Royal Flying Doctor Single side band radio were also fitted.

The intercom system not only connects the driver and navigator but can be switched through the broadcast radio and the UHF radio.

15”  Superlite Performance wheels were fitted.

Because the car was built for long distance events and reliability, the decision was made not to use the 350 cubic inch V8 as the weight over the front end was an extra 200 pounds.  Like the Repco Trial Commodores, we settled on a 6 cylinder engine to reduce the stress on the front rails, which have a habit of cracking just behind the front cross member.

Since then the car has competed in many events including the 1998 Play Station Round Australia Rally, the Alpine Rally and the last Experts Trial.

Banner pic: The Monaro at the start of the 2017 Alpine Rally