1972 Ford Escort RS1600 BDG

Exhibitor: Kim Harper

Engine: 2000cc BDG Cosworth alloy block, 2 x Weber DCOE 48 mm carburetors, Bosch electronic ignition.

Transmission: ZF 5 speed, AP racing twin plate clutch. Ford Fiera 8.5’ Limited Slip differential 5.1:1

Brakes: Front –  AP Monte Carlo calipers with ventilated disks

Rear  – AP homologated calipers on solid disks

Works AP Racing twin cylinder pedal box

Body: Fully seam welded and strengthened, FIA Multi Point Roll Cage. Full width and length sump guard

Rally History

The Mark 1 RS1600 was originally fitted with the BDA engine.

The next evolution was the more powerful BDG engine which really came to fame the next year when the Mark 2 Escorts where released. The highest specs of these came in what is known as  Group 4 specs.

A Mark 1 with a BDG is rare (although this is not an original car but a put-together) and they only came in Group 2 which makes this car eligible for our Post Historic category in rallying.

Recent competition history for this car: Completed 2 Alpine Rallies and finished as high as 4th is a Victorian club series rally.

Banner pic: Kim Harper and Chris Ellis in the RS1600 in the 2015 Alpine Rally