1974 Datsun ‘Violet” 710 SSS

Exhibitor: Neil Taylor

Engine: 2082cc LZ Motor, D.O.H.C.. twin 50mm Solex Carburettors.  242 bhp, maxium R.P.M: 8600. Dry sump lubrication. 10.5:1 compression ratio.

Gearbox: Option 1, 5 speed manual.  Top Speed 190 km/h

The LZ twin cam engine is a genuine works rally engine and is numbered “8 “.  Les Collins, Derek Rawson, Tom Kaitler and Simon Brown are just a few of the Datsun Rally personnel from the 1970s that have assisted Neil with the build.

Neil is privileged to have regular private visits on weekends to the Museum in Japan with the Nissan Restoration Team to ensure his 710 has been built to exacting works specifications.  Access to Nissan Motorsport Managers from the Era in Japan have also ensured the build was correct.

Rauno Aaltonen, Jeff Beaumont and Lofty Drews all have given Neil the thumbs up on the build along with the Motorclassica Concourse Judges in 2016 where the 710 was awarded the best car on display from all the participating car clubs.

The 710 will be being shipped to Europe in the not too distant future for appearances in the numerous “slowly sideways” demonstration runs held with other WRC events in Europe.  Goodwood and “Rally Day” are also on the agenda in the UK.

Neil hopes you enjoy seeing and hearing what is the only other 710 in the world (outside the factory 710 rally car currently residing in the Nissan Zama museum) that is in a “works configuration” and utilizing a works LZ Twin Cam.

More information

DATSUN 710 SSS  (pdf) (Information sheet on this car)

Banner image: by Nigel Stevens Photography – Motorclassica 22nd Oct 2016

These pics from Motorclassica in 2016:

Rauno Aaltonen and Jeff Beaumont beside the car at Motorclassica in 2016
Rauno Aaltonen and Jeff Beaumont at Motorclassica in 2016