1974 Ford Escort RS1600

Exhibitor: Peter Schey

Engine: Engine: 1998cc Ford/Cosworth BDG, Twin 48mm Webers (BDG being the alloy block version of the original iron block BDA)

Gearbox: ZF 5 speed or Quaife  g60 sequential.

Differential: Ford Atlas, 5.1:1  , full floating axles and ZF LSD.

Suspension: Group 4 front and rear links with Rieger springs and shock absorbers

Brakes: Group 4 AP/Lockheed forest callipers front and rear.

This car is a Group 4 Replica with paint scheme first seen on Roger Clarks 1974 Avon Tour Of Brittan Escort RS2000.

Built in 2011 from a good road car with parts collected all over the globe, including the rare original Cosworth sand cast head that was found in Indianapolis having been removed from a Formula Atlantic race car, it saw immediate success winning 2wd in its first outing, the East Gippsland Stages Victorian Rally Championship round.

Since then it has only done a hand full of events but with great success before undergoing a slow 4year rebuild and repaint.