1974 Mitsubishi Lancer

Exhibitor: Peter Corkran

Engine: 1770cc with twin 45mm weber’s, C2 works head, number 5  works cam, electronic ignition.

Transmission: 5 speed Sigma gearbox with Hollinger close ratio gear set, Toyota Corona rear end with a 4.788 ratio Tomei 2way LSD

Rally History

This Lancer was one of the first into Australia in 1974 and has a long rally history.

In 1978 Wangaratta’s Laurie Weston built it into a rally car and campaigned it with great success in the Victorian Rally Championship and although never winning a round it had numerous second and third placings including The Alpine and North Eastern rallies. It was the a very competitive car in the North Eastern-Riverina Rally Series, winning the series in 1983.

Laurie continued to develop the car and use it into the 90’s guided by the likes of Ron Lugg, Mike Star, Ken Moore and Dave Gallacher. The well prepared car was always competitive in Laurie’s hands at a time when Lancer’s were struggling to be competitive with high powered Datsun’s and Escorts.

Retired from rallying it was used briefly as a circuit car

In 1999 rally guru Stuart Lister purchased the car and later had it prepared and ran it in the 2009 Repco Round Australia Trial Re-run with Gary Gourlay, thoroughly enjoying the event which has been well chronicled in the HRA Magazine.

Current owner Peter Corkran was pleased to purchase this car from Stuart in 2017, given his close association with both previous owners and the fact that it is so similar his old car. He does not intend this to be a show car but rather an example of  a car that is as it was run in period.

It has had extensive mechanical refurbishment in preparation for its return to the forest and has recently run in the HRA’s Wellsford Wander finishing 6th.

The 2019 Alpine is the ultimate aim with a few warm up events planned.