1976 Fiat 131 Abarth

Exhibitor: Paul Scambler

Engine: 1995 cc.  Ultra rare Abarth 16 valve Cylinder Head, Kugelfischer mechanical injection fuel pump. Up to 230 bhp.

Rally History

In 1976, 400 examples of the Fiat 131 Abarth Rally were built for homologation purposes. These cars were built in a cooperation between Fiat, Bertone and Abarth.

Bertone took part-completed two door standard bodyshells from the production line in Mirafiori, fitted plastic mudguards front and rear, a plastic Bonnet and bootlid and modified the metal structure to accept the rear independent suspension. The cars were fully painted and trimmed and then delivered back to the Fiat special plant where they received the Abarth mechanicals.

This car is a tribute to the Fiat 131 Abarth Group 4 dressed in the famous Alitalia colors from the 1978 Rallye De Portugal which Markku Alen won.

This car features a mixture of real group 4 parts such as the ultra-rare Abarth 16 valve Cylinder Head, Independent rear suspension, special Hubs, Porsche Alloy brakes and Kugelfischer mechanical injection fuel pump. The remade parts taken from genuine 131 Abarth group 4 castings include the Sump, Dry Sump Oil Pump, Slide Injection Manifold, wheels and body kit.

This car was built over a 10 year period.