1976 Peugeot 504 Coupe

Exhibitor: Bill Hamilton

Engine: 3 litre V6, Weber IDA 3C Carburettors,

Transmission: Close Ratio 5 speed gearbox, Quaife Differential. Works wheel flares.

Rally History

The 504 Coupe was rallied by Peugeot in 1970’s with Group 4 homologation. It won the Morocco Rallye, the Bandama and the East African Safari,  with driver Jean-Pierre Nicolas.

The coupe is the only Peugeot 504 to have the V6 engine. The sedan was only 4 cylinder. This means to legally rally a 504 with a V6 it must be a coupe body.

This car

Built in 2016 to compete in the HRA State Bank Rally Rerun.

Built as a tribute to the works cars.

Sourcing a copy of the works flares from an original works car existing in Greece.

Completed the 2017 Alpine Rally of Gippsland.



Jean-Pierre Nicolas and Jean-Claude Lefèbvre won the 26th Safari Rally driving a Peugeot 504 V6 Coupé. From wikipedia.com.