1980 Renault R5 Turbo group B

Exhibitor: Rob Sealey

Engine: 8:1 compression. Alloy baffled sump. Fabricated exhaust to the turbo and 3″ dump pipe.
Garret T03 turbo. Adjustable waste gate.
2x 1.75 CD Stromberg carburetors. 100 PSI Water/Methanol Injection into the inlet manifold. (no inter cooler)
Big inlet valves. Standard exhaust valves. lightened flywheel.

Transmission: Now UN1 with Hewland LSD.

All up mass 930 kg with 50 litres of fuel. Standing 400m: 13 sec

Rally History

In 1980 Bob Watson the 1970 Australian Rally Champion with Navigator Phil Rainer, wanted one last tilt at the Australian Rally championship and thought an Renault R5 Turbo was the car to do the job.

Bob contacted Renault France, but was told a car could not be made available as production had only just commenced and all cars were committed.

The only option open to Bob was to build his own car from a standard . A standard R5 1 litre front wheel drive evaluation car owned by a Renault Australia .

It took 12 months, and the result was the car was very quick but unreliable with Head gasket and diff /gearbox problems causing many DNF’s. Bob did win the Djerriwarrh Rally in 1983.

The car ran an R16TX motor, a R18 straight cut 5 speed with a Hewland LSD. Running on 105 octane Avgas leaded fuel, with 8:1 compression, 9lb boost and approx 160KW at the back wheels.

The car was sold in 1988 when Group B rally cars were outlawed world wide.

The current owner purchased the car in 2009 and completely rebuilt it.

Head gasket problems have been resolved using O ringed sleeves and copper head gasket allowing up to 20 PSI boost.

R5 turbo – information sheet (pdf)