1983 Nissan 240RS

Exhibitor: Nicola Testa

Engine: 2400cc engine Twin Cams 16 Valve. Originally built from and FJ20 By NISSCO, Twin 48 mm Weber carburettors

Transmission: Option 1 Gear Box short ratios 1;1 Semi floater hub, LSD , final drive 4.8 or 5.1

Rally History

This Nissan 240RS is Replica Tribute to East African Safari Group B NISSAN of 1983 crewed by Metha/Combes.

The car build took over 5 years mainly due time required to find all original parts. We built a true replica in every respect. Most of the livery is supplied by “Golly”.   No electronic or modern gadgets have been incorporated in the build.

It has been campaigned in the past 3 or 4 years in very selected classic events such as Alpine Rally, the Mitta Mitta Rally and AGL SA Rally of the Heartland.

This is not a show car this is a fully fledged rally car driven to the max. It is maintained and serviced by NISSCO (Randy and Andrew)

While the car cannot compete with modern turbo rally cars,  modern turbo rally cars cannot compete with the sound made by this engine!

Pic credits: B Team Rally Media

1983 Nissan 240RS