1986 Mitsubishi Starion

Exhibitor: Brian Shand

Engine: Turbocharged 2.0ltr, as built by HKS for Ralliart. Forged pistons, Bosch fuel pumps with swirl pot, Intercooler.

Transmission: Ralliart “Sports Option” 5 speed 1:1 5th gear.  Group “A” LSD and drive shafts with either 4.2 or 4.6 ratio to chose from

Brakes: Front: 304 x 28mm AP Racing rotors and 4 piston calipers

Rear:  302 x 20mm AP Racing rotors and 4 piston calipers with handbrake    lever, (very rare)

Remote adjustable pedal box and hydraulic handbrake

Rally History

This Starion was built for David (Dinta) and Kate Officer to campaign in the 1986 Australian Rally Championship. It competed in its first event at Rally Tasmania in April 1986, and then subsequently all rounds of the Australian and occasional Victorian Championship over the next few years. It was in this car that Kate Officer won her 2nd Co-drivers championship in 1986, but unfortunately due to the scoring system used then, Dinta came 2nd in the drivers title.

In July 1987 the Starion was taken to New Zealand for their round of the World Rally Championship, and  Dinta and Kate finished  among the points in 5th outright. The following year they returned with the car and improved their result to finish 4th O/R.

During this time the car was fitted with some Ralliart components, and in 1987 Dinta was part of a three car Ralliart Japan entry in the Himalayan Rally. For this event, Ralliart Japan sent out all the latest “works” components including engine, gearbox, driveline, suspension, brakes etc. converting the car to full Group A specification, and this is what is still in the car today.

Incidentally, they flew the car to India as “baggage” in the hold of the Boeing 747 they traveled on. Seeded number one on the road they had a MAJOR accident that resulted in the car being destroyed where upon it was re-shelled when it came back to Australia.

In 1988 Dinta and Kate took the Starion to Perth for the first ever Rally Australia and finished a very creditable 7th O/R.

Major results:

2nd O/R, The Advocate – Fairfield Stages. TAS.
8th O/R, The Forest Rally. WA
4th O/R, Mobil Dealers, Rally of the Valley. NSW
6th O/R, The Keema Classic. QLD
3rd O/R, The Tile Suppliers Rally. SA
1st O/R, BP Visco Bright Alpine Rally. VIC

1st O/R, Begonia Rally, VRC Rd.1
3rd O/R, Wirrina Rallysprint, SA
1st O/R, State Bank Discovery Trial, SA

5th O/R, AWA Clarion  Rally of New Zealand
2nd O/R, Advocate International Rally Tasmania
5th O/R, GWN Forest Rally, WA

Bega Valley Rally
1988 Rothmans Rally of New Zealand