1989 Peugeot 309

Exhibitor: Graham Wallis

Engine: 1900cc 16 valve. Full European Spec. XU9J4.

Transmission: 5 speed manual. 4.8 to 1 Final Drive, Quaife ATB Diff. 205 GTi ratios.

Rally History

The 309 was a development of the 205, much the same weight and components but slightly bigger so a better safety cage could be installed, bigger tyres can be fitted and better handling due to longer wheelbase. Colin McRae and Richard Burns both drove works supported 309s.

The 309 was used in preference to the 205 due to the above reasons plus the fact that a 16 valve version was manufactured by Peugeot, the Gti16, the spec that this 309 Gti has been built to.

The car was prominent in the European Rally Championship around 1990 but Francois Delecour’s 9th O/R and first 2wd in the 1990 Monte Carlo was its best World Rally Championship result.

The 309 was a good seller in many places around the world but not sold in Australia, so is extremely rare here. This car is a private import from the UK and was built at Ryton, the old Rootes factory.

Banner pic: Rchard Burns’ Peugeot 309 rally, from http://allracingcars.com/peugeot-309/