1953 Holden 48-215

Holden 48-215

Exhibitor:  Gary Poole

Engine: 2171cc, 6 cylinder

Transmission: 3 speed Manual

This car was built as a replica to the car that competed in the 1953 Monte Carlo Rally, driven by Tony Gaze, Lex Davison and Stan Jones. This was the first international event for an Australian car.

The car ran in the 2013 Monte Carlo Historique Rally, 60 years after the original, driven by Owner Gary Poole, Richard Davison (son of Lex) and V8 racer Craig Lowndes.

The car is an excellent replica of the original, even to the extent of the paintwork preparation. The original car was purchased second hand and its paintwork was ‘Malibu Ivory’. it was masked up and painted British Racing Green by Lex Davison, so that’s what owner Gary Poole did. Open the doors or the bonnet and you can see the original Malibu Ivory colour, just like the car that competed in 1953.

The team outside Rue de Carnot in 2013
The team outside Rue de Carnot in 2013
Barwon Heads man Tony Gaze was a member of Holden’s first Monte Carlo rally team and salutes 60th anniversary race tilt.  This pic from the 1953 Monte Carlo Rally.

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