1967 Saab 96

Exhibitor:  Doug Fernie

Engine: 1498cc, Four cylinder V4 producing 48 kW.

The Saab 96 was in production for 20 years from 1960, until replaced by the Saab 93. Over half a million were produced.

The Saab 96 was  rallied very successfully in Europe in the 1960’s & 1970’s by the Saab works teams in both Sweden & Finland.  Saab started rallying  the model 95, with a 3 cylinder 2 stroke engine. The 96 also had a 2 stroke engine when released in 1960, but moved in 1967 (in somewhat controversial circumstances) to a Ford V4 engine, as this car has.

The transmission is also interesting.  On engine over-run, The clutch will ‘free wheel’, meaning the transmission can run faster than the engine.  This was an engineering solution to an oil starvation problem when using the 2 stroke engines.  This system allows the engine to return to idle when the driver lifts off the throttle. Otherwise, the engine would run at high revs on over-run, but with the throttle closed and no fuel to deliver the oil for the two stroke engine, there was a lubrication problem.  the system was retained even though the engine became a 4 stroke and had no such oil lubrication problems.

This system had the side benefit that the clutch was only need to move the car from stopped. Gear changes could be made by just lifting off the throttle.

This Saab 96 is built as a replica of Finish driver Simo Lampinen’s car, in 1000 Lakes rally livery.

This car is a new restoration and has just completed its first event, the 3 day Black Stump Rally in N.S.W.

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